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Hiring and managing human resources

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Is demand for your products and services continually growing, and do you need additional employees to respond appropriately? When the time comes to hire new employees, you need to follow certain government rules on hiring, source deductions and tax returns.

Before starting your hiring process, contact one of our advisors for help with hiring good candidates. They can also direct you to useful resources on the right procedures to follow and on how to manage your human resources to ensure the compliance of your company with the laws and regulations in force.

» Contact us today to quickly get answers to your questions and receive a free assessment in order to effectively manage your human resources.

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Free online resources


Consult our free, practical directories to find out about financing and support programs, services and practical resources that can help you recruit employees and manage your human resources.



  • CGLCC - Training 

    Canadian LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce ( CGLCC )
    Get access to courses and workshops to learn how to engage with your LGBT+ employees, business opportunities or customers.

  • Record of Employment on the Web (ROE Web) 

    Employment and Social Development Canada.
    ​Use this secure application to create, submit and print Records of Employment (ROEs) via the Internet in preparation for the interruption of employee earnings

  • Quebec International — International recruiting 

    Québec International
    Access a network of experts to help you hire international talent for your business. Attend workshops, networking events and recruiting missions.

  • Work-Sharing program 

    ​Employment and social Development Canada
    If your employees are eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, and your business is suffering a downturn, you can apply for a work-sharing agreement. The agreement would allow your employees to work a temporarily reduced work week while receiving EI benefits.

  • Sector Gateway 

    Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal
    ​Do you have a business in the Greater Montreal area and are looking for workers? Take advantage of a professional match with talent from diverse backgrounds.

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program 

    Employment and Social Development Canada
    Learn how you can hire a foreign worker on a temporary basis when Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not available to do the job.

  • Un emploi en sol québécois (in French only)

    Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec
    Get support for hiring newcomers for your jobs in the region.

  • Express Entry 

    Immigration and citizenship
    Express Entry aims to facilitate matches between Canadian businesses and skilled immigrants who wish to work in Canada permanently.

  • Accelerated Growth Service 

    ​Innovation, Science and economic Development Canada
    ​Does your company have annual sales of at least $5 million and show promising growth? You may be eligible for the CED support program.

  • Applying as a business immigrant 

    Immigration, Francisation et Intégration
    Find all the information you need if you wish to immigrate to Quebec in order to develop your business projects.

  • Palette Skills — Hire Faster, Hire Better 

    ​Palette Skills
    Your growing company can access pre-vetted, talented and highly skilled alumni. You can help build programs to ensure participants have the skills you're hiring for.

  • Hire a worker without an LMIA 

    Immigration and citizenship
    Hire a temporary worker without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

  • Dialogue FR 

    ​Commerces MTL
    Get free French language coaching for your Montreal restaurant employees.

  • Connexion CA (in French only)

    ​Culture Montérégie
    Recruit business people to the board of directors or an advisory committee of your non-profit organization (NPO) with this networking program for the cultural and social economy sectors

  • Work Force Reduction program due to downsizing 

    Employment and Socila Development Canada
    Learn about employment insurance options for employees who voluntarily leave your business to preserve the jobs of co-workers.

  • Mon entreprise, Notre bien-être (in French only)

    Access a psychological health training pathway to support your employees with the challenges of the pandemic.

  • Alternate work arrangements and work hour reduction 

    Emploi Québec
    Get expert advice and a contribution of up to 50% of expenses relating to implementing a work hour reduction plan for your business.

  • Job Bank 

    Service Canada
    Post jobs in the Job Bank and find qualified candidates to fill positions.

  • ASPIRE work-integrated learning initiative 

    ​Toronto Finance International
    Access a job-matching platform where you can promote your financial services internships to post-secondary students, and where they can access exclusive business skills development resources that help them transition into your workplace.

  • Innovation Canada — Innovation Advisors in Quebec 

    Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
    If you're developing a new product, technology or process, an Innovation Advisor can provide you with free, one-on-one assistance to help you find the government supports that are right for your business. Our advisors are former entrepreneurs with established networks in both private and public sectors, and can help put you in touch with specialists in finance, technical advice and foreign market expertise, to help your business grow from here. Innovation Advisors help companies that are incorporated for profit in Canada. Is this you?

  • Coaching and strategic advice 

    Investissement Québec
    Take advantage of this free program and receive support on management, marketing, finances, human resources, technology, export, production and more.

  • Magnet — Talent Acquisition 

    Find talent with the right skills and qualifications by using a specialized recruitment model that promotes diversity and supports bias-free recruitment strategies. Build top talent funnels for your medium to long-term needs.

  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit 

    Canada Revenue Agency
    Refundable tax credit of 25% of qualified Canadian labour expenses on Canadian film and video production.

  • GO Talent 

    Information and Communications Technology Council
    Use the e-Talent Canada platform to recruit qualified internationally educated IT professionals who are within days, weeks or months of arriving in Canada as permanent residents.

  • Make your business a model of sustainable mobility 

    Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal
    Get mentoring to help develop sustainable mobility measures and benefit from positive exposure for your business and increased employee productivity.

  • Managing my business 

    ​Entrepreneuriat Québec
    ​Leverage this training and develop your skills in finance, marketing, sales, time management and human resources.

  • BDC Advisory Services 

    Business Development Bank of Canada
    Connect with highly experienced specialists who can help you better manage your business, increase revenues and optimize operations.

  • Human resources management support 

    Emploi Québec
    Get expertise on human resources management, including an assessment, coaching, consultation, and management support.

  • Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages — For-Profit 

    Canadian Heritage
    Get a wage subsidy to cover 50% of the costs of paying a summer student to work 30–40 hours a week for 16 weeks, if you operate a for-profit business.

  • Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages — Not-for-Profit 

    Canadian Heritage
    Subsidy covering 70% of wages to hire summer students for 16 weeks (30 to 40 hours per week) in not-for-profit organizations.



  • Essential Skills Tools 

    Use these free, customizable tools to assess and improve the skills of your employees and to better understand essential skills.

  • monCalcul (in French only)

    Calculate the benefit amount to which your employees are legally entitled for common situations such as vacation days, statutory holidays and overtime pay.

  • Normes du travail du Québec 

    If you are an employer, you must familiarize yourself with and comply with Quebec labour standards and the acts and regulations governing them.


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