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To operate a business in Quebec, you must fulfill your tax obligations and comply with applicable tax laws.

Whether you use the services of a professional accountant or take care of your own accounting, understanding how taxation applies precisely to your business is key to making sure that your taxes are fully compliant with the law and to taking advantage of any tax benefits that may apply to your business.

Our advisors can provide information on the procedure you should follow to ensure that your business conforms to applicable laws and regulations and to guide you toward potential tax credits.

» Contact us today to quickly get answers to your questions and receive a free assessment in order to understand your tax obligations and find out which tax credits your business could benefit from.

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Free online resources


Browse these directories, lists of organizations, factsheets and free tools to learn about available services and government programs.

  • Revenu Québec  1 800 567-4692

    Services offered:  Consumption and income tax - Regulations and obligations

  • Canada Revenue Agency  1 800 959-7775

    Services offered:  Consumption and income tax

  • Entreprises Québec  1 877 644-4545

    Services offered:  Information on Government Programs and Services - Laws and obligations - Financial Assistance - Starting a Business - Human Resources - Foreign Trade - Innovation

  • Federal tax information 

    Get information about federal taxes and how they affect your business. Learn about GST, HST, payroll deductions, income tax and more.

  • Closing a GST/HST account 

    Find out when and how to close your GST/HST account and the ensuing obligations.

  • GST/HST rates 

    Use this chart to see which provinces and territories use the GST or HST and find both current and previous rates.

  • Foreign Trade Zone 

    These officially designated areas offer tariff and tax exemptions on the purchase or importation of raw materials, components or finished goods.

  • Buying a business — CRA 

    If you are buying a business along with its inventory and assets, learn about some of the requirements, changing ownership and GST/HST considerations.

  • Bringing personal assets into your business 

    If you want to transfer personal assets to your business, find out the rules and requirements for each type of business structure.

  • Benefits and allowances 

    If you provide your employees with taxable benefits, you need to add the value of those benefits to the employees' income in order to determine the amount that is subject to source deductions.

  • Charge my customers GST/HST 

    Follow these steps to learn which goods or services are taxable, the right amount of GST/HST to charge, invoice requirements, and which records to keep.

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