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Buy a business or start your own

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Starting a business can be overwhelming for first time entrepreneurs. If you have a great business idea and are ready to work hard, then you may wish to start your own business. But if you want to avoid some of the common challenges to starting a business, then buying an existing business or a successful franchise may be a better option.



  • Complete freedom to design and manage the business according to your vision.
  • Not bound by anyone else's rules, history or assets.
  • Opportunity to bring something new to the market.
  • Can be less expensive than buying a successful business.


  • Can take a while until you are profitable.
  • There is no guarantee of business success and a high rate of failure for new businesses.
  • More difficult to get financing because lenders or investors are taking a risk with your idea.



  • Benefit from the work that has already been done on establishing a brand, developing customer relationships, developing business processes and acquiring assets.
  • Can start bringing in profits more quickly.
  • Easier to get financing because the business model is proven.


  • The upfront investment is often higher than if you were starting your own business.
  • The previous owner and/or franchisor's business model and way of doing business may not be a perfect match with what you envision.

(Source: Canada Business Ontario)

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